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Podcasts have become an unstoppable global phenomenon, revolutionizing our content consumption habits by providing various topics, convenient accessibility, and the flexibility to listen on the move. 

As a result of their immense popularity, numerous poker podcasts have emerged, and now, Liv Boeree, a former professional poker player, has revealed her entry into the audio realm with her show, ‘ Win-Win.’

Liv Boeree is known for her accomplishments in the poker world. And recently announced the launch of her podcast, Win-Win. In recent years, Boeree has redirected her focus toward the scientific community, drawing on her background in Physics with Astrophysics from the University of Manchester. 

By introducing her podcast, Win Win, Liv Boeree joins the ever-expanding realm of podcasts that have captured the attention of audiences worldwide. Having made a name for herself in professional poker.

Engaging with her followers on Twitter, Boeree freely expresses her thoughts on a diverse range of subjects, including the ongoing media and cultural conflicts, the potential dangers associated with artificial intelligence misuse, and the addictive influence of social media algorithms. Boeree’s extensive knowledge and her relentless pursuit of learning new things should position her favorably as a podcast host.

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What Can We Expect in “Win-Win”?

Liv Boeree launched her podcast, Win-Win, featuring a notable guest, Molly Bloom, the author of “Molly’s Game” and the inspiration behind the acclaimed film adaptation. Boeree introduces the podcast’s concept in an introductory video, emphasizing exploring both positive and negative aspects of competition and the driving forces it exerts on various aspects of society. Additionally, viewers get a sneak peek into Boeree’s conversation with Bloom.

Molly Bloom is a familiar figure in the poker world, having transitioned from an Olympic-level skier to running exclusive poker games for the rich and famous in Los Angeles and New York. Her memoir, “Molly’s Game,” was adapted by renowned writer Aaron Sorkin for the screen. 

The Win-Win podcast provides a platform for Bloom to share her remarkable journey, from organizing high-stakes poker games to navigating legal battles and personal transformation.

Poker players will find great value in tuning into Boeree’s Win-Win Podcast, as Molly Bloom’s experiences inspire those facing their challenges in the game. Bloom’s unique perspective on high-stakes poker and Boeree’s expertise promise a fascinating and enlightening conversation for poker enthusiasts worldwide. Listeners can access the podcast on all major audio platforms and watch it in video format on Liv Boeree’s YouTube channel.

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A Recap of the Former Poker Queen’s Lucrative Run

Liv Boeree embarked on her poker journey in 2005 when she appeared on the TV show “Poker Showdown.” Guided by respected figures in the poker world like Annie Duke, Dave Ulliott, and Phil Hellmuth, Boeree’s passion for poker was ignited by this experience, driving her to establish herself in the competitive poker arena.

In 2008, Boeree achieved her first notable success by clinching the championship title in a significant No Limit Hold’em poker tournament. This victory was followed by an impressive top-50 finish at an event in Las Vegas in the 2008 World Series of Poker (WSOP).

However, it was in 2010 that Boeree reached the pinnacle of her career. She secured her most significant triumph by succeeding in the European Poker Tour (EPT). This remarkable achievement placed Boeree among only three women who have accomplished such a feat, solidifying her reputation as one of the world’s most talented female poker players.

In 2019, Liv Boeree surprised the poker community by retiring from professional poker. Notably, she was the only woman to have won a World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet event and an EPT tournament. The decision to depart from her career at such an early stage left many wondering about the factors influencing this highly skilled poker player’s choice.

What’s She Been Upto Since Retiring as a Poker Player?

Liv Boeree’s projects go far beyond her successful poker career, as she has dedicated herself to various pursuits. Before participating in poker, she obtained a degree in Physics with Astrophysics from the University of Manchester, showcasing her passion for science and its meaningful applications.

Boeree has established a significant presence on YouTube, attracting over 50,000 subscribers. She explores many scientific topics through her videos, including philosophy, technology, futurism, physics, and engineering, often accumulating hundreds of thousands of views. Developing her YouTube channel has become a central focus of her post-poker journey.

Renowned as a captivating speaker, Boeree has delivered engaging talks at universities and other institutions on diverse scientific subjects. Her speaking engagements have included notable events such as an Oxford Union debate and an appearance at the Cheltenham festival. 

Since retiring from poker, Liv has shared her insights on numerous podcasts and TV shows, and she has even authored scientific articles, including a publication by the Future of Humanity Institute. Notably, she presented a TEDx talk in Manchester in 2018, drawing upon her successes in poker to discuss the benefits of probabilistic thinking.

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In 2017, Boeree joined “Giving What We Can,” a group committed to donating at least 10% of their income to charitable causes, highlighting her commitment to humanitarian efforts.

Beyond her impactful charitable work, Liv Boeree has explored writing and acting. She made a recent appearance in the 2020 Dutch film “The Host” and has been featured in TV shows like “Codex,” “Christmas University Challenge,” and “BBC Breakfast,” showcasing her versatility across different media platforms.

Tying Things Up

Liv Boeree’s new podcast, Win-Win, holds great promise for poker enthusiasts and beyond. Boeree’s extensive knowledge and experience as a former professional poker player and her passion for science, philanthropy, and exploring diverse topics make her an ideal host for this podcast. 

Including notable guests like Molly Bloom and hopefully some of the best poker players in the future, the podcast explores the nature of competition and its impact on society, ensuring that Win-Win will stand out with engagement and insight.

Listeners can anticipate thought-provoking conversations that delve into poker, scientific concepts, personal journeys, and the complexities of competition. Boeree’s ability to navigate various subjects and her knack for engaging storytelling will undoubtedly captivate and inspire audiences.

With its availability across major audio platforms and accompanying video format on her YouTube channel, Win Win offers a versatile and accessible platform for listeners to engage with Boeree’s compelling content. 

Whether you’re a poker enthusiast seeking strategic insights, a science lover looking to explore fascinating concepts, or simply someone interested in thought-provoking discussions, Liv Boeree’s new podcast is a must-listen that promises to inform, entertain, and leave a lasting impact.

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