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C-betting is a standard poker strategy that can be found in most tournaments. It involves raising an opponent’s pre-flop raise and improving your chances of winning the pot.

By following some simple guidelines when deciding which hands to c-bet with, you can ensure you get the most out of your c-betting efforts. Here are 10 spots perfect to c-bet in a poker tournament.

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Spots to Range C-Bet in Single-Raised Pots

Dry King-High Boards in Position

Poker tournaments can be tricky, but if you’re dealt a hand with a dry king-high board in position, there’s no need to panic. Employing the c-betting tactic could be the key to cashing in big time.

Making a continuation bet after the flop, regardless of whether or not you have hit anything, sends a message to your opponents that you’re confident in your hand. It can force them to fold weaker hands and grant you control of the pot.

Double Broadway Boards Out of Position from the Small Blind

Making calculated and well-timed c-bets can be the key to your success in a WSOP online or live tournament. And when you find yourself in the tricky position of being out of position and holding double broadway boards, making that c-bet from the small blind can be the winning play you’ve been waiting for.

Sure, it may feel risky initially, but when you consider the incredible potential for earning chips, it’s a move that simply can’t be ignored. So why not embrace the opportunity and put your skills to the test? With the right mindset and luck, you could emerge victorious and win a prize that would make any poker player proud.

High-Paired Boards in Position

C-betting in high-paired boards while in position could play a significant role in boosting your bankroll. The reasoning behind this strategy is simple but effective: with a relatively strong hand, the likelihood of your opponent having anything of value decreases.

It is especially true if you’re in position, as you can control the action in subsequent betting rounds. Remember that proper timing and sizing are critical when attempting a c-bet, as it can also come back to bite you if executed poorly.

Watch your opponents, trust your gut, and don’t be afraid to go for it.

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High-Paired Boards Out of Position from the Small Blind

When it comes to playing online poker tournaments or in a live casino, every decision counts. And one of the most important decisions you can make is whether or not to make a c-bet on a high-paired board out of position from the small blind.

The truth is that it can work in your favor. By making a c-bet, you can represent a strong hand and potentially scare off your opponents. You can start building the pot early on if you have a good hand. If you can read your opponents well and make intelligent decisions, c-betting in this position can be an effective strategy.

A-high flops from the Small Blind

Small blind c-betting in A-high flops can be pretty advantageous in a WSOP game or other tournament. This move lets you assert control over the hand and intimidate your opponent into making unfavorable decisions.

C-betting in a-high flops allows you to consistently win small pots, which can add up over time and contribute to your overall chip stack. 

Spots to Range C-Bet in 3-Bet Pots

King-High Boards in Position

Regarding 3-bet pots with king-high boards, c-betting can be your ticket to success. Not only does this bold move put pressure on your opponent, but it also allows you to take control of the hand and dictate the action.

It’s essential to be smart about your c-betting strategy – but when executed correctly, it can lead to big wins and a formidable reputation. The next time you find yourself in a king-high 3-bet pot while in position, consider the power of the c-bet and embrace the opportunity to take charge of the game.

Queen-High Boards in Position

Another strategy that can often prove successful is c-betting in 3-bet pots for queen-high boards in position. This move can be particularly effective when establishing dominance over your opponents and asserting control over the hand.

Making a confident c-bet sends a message that you’re not to be trifled with – and if your opponents aren’t up to the challenge, they may fold and hand you an easy win. So the next time you hit a queen-high board in a 3-bet pot, don’t be afraid to fire that c-bet.

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Triple Broadway Ace-High Boards In Position

This move can be tricky, but with practice, it’s a valuable skill to have in your arsenal. The c-bet is a continuation bet made by the player who raised pre-flop. It’s a way to maintain control of the pot by showing a strong hand and pressuring your opponent to fold.

When you’re facing a triple broadway ace-high board, the odds are in your favor that you have a better hand than your opponent – but there’s always a risk that they might have something strong as well. That’s where the c-bet comes in – it’s a way to test the waters and see if your hand is superior.

To execute this move successfully, it’s essential to consider your opponent’s tendencies and be aware of any potential tells they may have.

Double Broadway Boards Out of Position

C-betting can make all the difference in 3-bet pots, especially when you’re stuck out of position on double broadway boards. Why is it so important in this particular situation? Simply put, c-betting offers a way to maintain hand control while keeping your opponent guessing.

When it comes to double broadway boards, this strategy becomes even more critical as there are numerous draws and possible hands that your opponent could hold. By c-betting, you gain valuable information about your opponent’s hand and put yourself in a position to win the pot should they fold.

High-Paired Boards Out of Position

C-betting is especially crucial when out of position. This move allows the player to dictate the pace of the hand and assert their dominance in the game.

By forcing their opponent to make a tough decision, c-betting increases the chances of winning the pot and achieving a higher payout. With the right approach, c-betting can make all the difference in a player’s poker bankroll.


The small blind c-betting strategy can work wonders for a player’s game. Whether you’re playing king-high boards or double broadway boards, understanding when and how to use this move can give you an edge over your opponents.

By embracing the power of the c-bet and taking charge of your game, you can maximize your potential winnings and gain a formidable reputation at the table.

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