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Do you want to maximize your profit in poker games? Then consider using 4-betting strategies. 4-betting is a decisive move that can help you gain an edge over other players. You can become a more successful poker player by understanding when and why to use it. 

When someone makes an initial raise in a poker hand, it would be seen as a 2-bet if the big blind is regarded as the first wager. A re-raise would then be considered a 3-bet; if someone continued to re-raise the 3-bet, it would be a 4-bet.

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How Does a 4-Bet Work and What Is It?

An opponent has placed a 3-bet if they raise their initial pre-flop wager after being called. A player willing to increase the player who placed the 3-bet is said to be a 4-bettor. Players 4-bet based on the strength of their hole cards and opponents.

You may want to think about 4-betting with your poker hand for several different reasons. To begin with, you might want to get the most out of players who have weak holdings but cannot let go of their cards. You might be bold enough to utilize a 4-bet as a bluff. But of course, using the 4-betting strategy may work depending on particular situations.

Situations to 4-Bet

If You Have a Strong Hand and Are up Against a 3-Bet

Whether pre-flop or post-flop, you should typically fast-play rather than slow-play to trap your opponents. While playing premium poker hands slowly is often appropriate, playing quickly will increase the pot and increase your ability to profit.

As a result, you should 4-bet often while facing a 3-bet with a strong pocket pair. With a smaller stack-to-pot ratio, your greatest hands will deal more damage, simplifying your options on subsequent streets.

When your hand is superior, 4-betting increases the amount of money in the pot and isolates your opponent.

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Playing Against Tough, Aggressive Players

4-betting as a bluff is difficult, but it will be essential to your survival in more challenging games. The ideal 4-betting approach significantly depends on the patterns of your rivals. You should only very seldom 4-bet bluff when faced with a 3-bet from a tight opponent that you know is not going off the rails.

On the other side, increasing the frequency of your 4-bets will put aggressive 3-bettors in challenging situations because they will not have enough strong hands to continue. In addition, try calling more frequently when up against these obstinate 3-bettors.

With 4-bets, you can put aggressive players to the test and possibly gain the respect of your fellow players. They could reconsider making another light 3-bet against you if you have aggressive opponents.

Nobody enjoys being run over. Players are 3-betting more frequently than ever, therefore, you must be prepared to counter by 4-betting. Make it clear that you won’t be bullied.

4-Bet Wider When Out of Position

When you play poker out of position, four-bet wider to offset your positional disadvantage. 4-betting wide when you are out of position will assist you in overcoming your disadvantageous position because the ratio of the stack to the pot will be lower, hence, the hand will be simpler to play after the flop. 

Remember that a broad 4-betting range should include both value bets and bluffs; failing to do so will make you vulnerable to exploit on several runouts in large 4-bet pots.

Play Tight Against Large 3-Bets

While playing live poker, a solid defense against excessively huge 3-bets is folding all but your strongest hands and only 4-bet your strongest ones.

Calling is rarely the best course of action when facing massive 3-bets due to the exorbitant cost of doing so. Also, remember that live players typically only 3-bet their best hands, making calling an even less appealing choice.

Hence, the only way to respond to very high 3-bets is to 4-bet the top of your range while folding everything else. Naturally, you’ll fold most of the time, but when you do 4-bet, the stack-to-pot ratio will be low, and you’ll be alone with the best hand versus your opponent—the ideal scenario for putting in as much money as you can.

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Consider Your Opponents When 4-Betting

At the poker table, your opponents significantly impact when and how frequently you decide to 4-bet. When you think about using it will depend on their poker strategy and playing style. While facing loose and aggressive games, 4-bets are often a helpful tactic. 

Naturally, 4-betting is practically useless when you face a tight player that doesn’t fold their good hands, even if being the target of a 4-bet. Yet, against loose, aggressive 3-bettors who aren’t hesitant to re-raise an initial raiser with various holdings, not just premium constructed hands, 4-betting offers a ton of value. If you are willing to 4-bet aggressive players, it shows that you aren’t a pushover.

4-Betting as Bluff

4-betting as a bluff in poker can be an extremely powerful move if used correctly. Making the pot larger and getting more equity puts your opponent in a tough spot when deciding whether to call or fold. Of course, the downside is that by 4-betting as a bluff, you are taking more risk than simply pushing all-in pre-flop. However, this high-stakes or WSOP poker move can pay off in the long run, allowing even seasoned players to make big wins. 

Three main aspects should be considered when determining which hands are strong bluff candidates:

  • Blockers: For instance, having an Ace blocks the number of strong hand combinations your opponent could have.
  • Equity: Your hand’s playability after the flop determines this aspect.
  • Board: Including some suited connectors, such as the 87s, can significantly improve board coverage in various 4-bet ranges.


4-betting has become an integral part of poker game strategy and can be a powerful tool against opponents. When deciding whether or not to 4-bet in any given situation, you must consider your opponent’s strategy and playing style. If used correctly, 4-bet can help you defeat some opponents. With practice and patience, incorporating this advanced move into your repertoire will pay off immensely over time.

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